Getting There BETTER | Postcards from the edge — my new favorite fun way to keep in touch while traveling
You love the idea of travel — fabulous vacations, visits to the grandparents, a mid-winter business trip to warm climates — but travel kind of sucks, right? Brutal lines. Checked bag fees. TSA “special” pat downs. Middle seats in the way back. Expensive, inflexible tickets. Hotel rooms with views of the parking lot. Torture. But, really, it doesn’t have to. There are a few, genuinely simple things you can do to make it much, much better. So follow along and get there better.
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Postcards from the edge — my new favorite fun way to keep in touch while traveling

I want to be good at postcards when I travel but I’m just not — the hassle of buying the card, writing the card, buying postage and finding a mailbox is just a few steps too many. I’m well intentioned but never execute – I can’t tell you how many blank postcards have come home with me, never to be mailed.

That all changed last week when I (finally!) discovered Touchnote. I might be behind on this one but it’s so good I just had to share.

The Touchnote app (Apple and Android) and website both let you do the same thing – upload one or several pictures to be used as postcards or greeting cards. With just a few clicks you create your own card, write whatever you want as a note, provide your recipient’s mailing address, press “send” and Touchnote will print the card and mail it!

IMG_0976IMG_0977The cards areIMG_0978 printed on heavy, glossy stock and mailed from their printing facilities in the US, UK, Australia and Germany so the card will arrive in 2-3 business days at many places around the world.

The site uses “tokens” for each item — postcards are 1 token, greeting cards are 2 tokens. I purchased a pack of 10 tokens for $17.95 (cost per token go down if you purchase more) but you can also send just one for $1.99 if you want to try it out.

Last week in New Zealand I sent postcards for the first time in ages — it such a fun way to stay in touch and share what you’re doing and now Touchnote lets you do it without the hassle!

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

  • Cindy Keith
    Posted at 02:10h, 08 July Reply

    Great idea! I’ll let u know how it goes for me!!

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