Getting There BETTER | Amazing short video promoting travel to overcome bias
You love the idea of travel — fabulous vacations, visits to the grandparents, a mid-winter business trip to warm climates — but travel kind of sucks, right? Brutal lines. Checked bag fees. TSA “special” pat downs. Middle seats in the way back. Expensive, inflexible tickets. Hotel rooms with views of the parking lot. Torture. But, really, it doesn’t have to. There are a few, genuinely simple things you can do to make it much, much better. So follow along and get there better.
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Amazing short video promoting travel to overcome bias

dna-viral-film-hed-2016I stumbled on this article last night that I just adore – Danish travel site Monmondo created an advertising campaign that took DNA from 69 people and interviewed them about their beliefs about their heritage. The cool thing about DNA testing, of course, is that it gives you definitive answers about the origins of your family and where your stock is geographically from.

The videos are just a few minutes but they tell amazing, eye-opening stories about how people’s perceptions and beliefs can be so misguided and how we’re all so globally connected. It’s really pretty emotional and fun at the same time.

So, take a minute and check out this viral video to see how people got the shock of their lives when they learned about their real heritage — and it encouraged them to travel more (the goal, of course, of Monmondo!).

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